Dropping off and Picking up

It is important to ensure that children are kept safe on the school grounds at all times. Please note the following points regarding dropping off and picking up from school:

Dropping off

  • Please do not drive onto the school site unless you have been given permission by the school office
  • Children in Years N – 4 should be accompanied by an adult on the way in to school
  • No bikes or scooters should be ridden beyond the gates
  • Class teachers or assistants will be positioned at the classroom doors to welcome children into class
  • Parents should leave the site once their child has been dropped off at the classroom – please do not stay by the windows to watch them settle.

Picking Up

  • In Years N-4, children will be seen out by an adult safely to their parents.
  • Children in Year 5 and 6 may walk home alone with written permission
  • No bikes or scooters should be ridden on the school grounds
  • Please do not allow children to play on the trim trail or other play equipment

Special Events

The rules above apply for all special events, such as school discos and performances. Please note that a member of senior staff will always be present during these times. Please seek them out if you have any problems.